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Humiliated and Excited By Your Own Reflection

Miss Rachel loves to make you feel both humiliated and excited! 1-800-356-6169Hello, Horny Readers! It seems 2018 so far is the year of the streak. No, not people running around naked in public (though I’m sure that would appeal to some of you). I’m talking about the fact that lately I seem to get on a particular subject and write more than one blog post about it. First it was cuckolding, with My three part series here on the story of two seduced cuckold cock sluts. Then it was a three-parter on cuckold bulls over on Cuckold Boot Camp. Then it was two posts here related to Skype calls, one celebrating a favorite, and one giving advice. Some may consider this post tangentially related to the latter: how employing mirrors can make you feel even more humiliated and excited while exploring your kink!

Humiliated and excited by your own reflection!

Literally come face to face, or ass to face, with your kinky tastes! Mirrors are compatible with so many kinks where humiliation is, even the slightest bit, part of the thrill.

I’ve suggested the use of mirrors for this purpose both during sessions, and in assignments to be practiced between them. Many submissives are surprised by how much more deeply they sink into subspace with the addition of a mirror or two!

The most obvious example would be for those who enjoy feminization. Sissies who love to be sissies and have no shame (not that they should) use mirrors as a means to admire and celebrate the embrace of their desires.

But for those who crave (or deliciously dread) coerced feminization, a mirror is essential in driving home their helplessness against Mistress’ desire to transform them!

And what about those of you curious about cum-eating, or maybe even addicted to it by now? Have you ever thought of straddling a mirror to jack off, with the end result being that you blow your load on your own reflection, and then stoop to look yourself right in the eye as you lick up the gooey mess?

Femdom humiliation while sucking cock for Mistress!

Miss Rachel loves to make you feel both humiliated and excited! 1-800-356-6169

Click on the photo if you want one of your own!

Anything to do with coerced bisexuality, seduced bisexuality, bi-curiosity, or anal play, whether with your fingers, My fingers, your toy, My strap on, or a real-live throbbing cock, is going to pique My interest and make My pussy wet.

I especially love to use mirrors to humiliate and excite you as W/e explore any or all of the above!

Yes, you can purchase your very own cocksucker mirror, and it would be an especially alluring bit of humiliation to slip one over a stud cock and burn into your memories the sight of yourself being a total beta faggot, but really, any mirror will do!

With a real cock, you could get on your knees, parallel to a mirror, and observe both your own skills, and your humiliation, from the corner of your eye.

Believe it or not, it’s better still with a suction cup dildo. The mirrored surface is perfect for suction, and you can confront the fact that your mouth pussy is as well, face to face, by sticking a dong to a mirror while you practice!

My all-time favorite use of mirrors for erotic humiliation!

If you guessed that it would have something to do with your asshole, you win!

A bit embarrassed by the fact that you crave something in your slut cave so badly, whether it’s an Aneros, My strap on, or a real, live, throbber? Humiliated and excited by the prospect of being stuffed by one, not because you crave it, but because Mistress does? What about the shameful thrill of being spit-roasted?

Now imagine preparing yourself for any or all of those eventualities by looking yourself in the eye as you experience one or all of these:

  • Instead of straddling a mirror to jack off, suction cup your dildo to it, and look down between your legs at the reflection of you riding like a whore!
  • Put a mirror between your legs any and every time you explore that fuck hole for Me! Especially observe and absorb how hard it makes you cum to play with your ass while you stroke!
  • If you’ve got a hallway that’s just the right width, put a mirror against each wall, suction cup your dong to the one behind you, get on your hands and knees, and back onto it. Look in the mirror in front of you, and you will see your hole opening for that cock!
  • Add another dong to the mirror in front of your face in the above arrangement, and observe what a depraved rotisserie slut you are for your Mistress!

Humiliated and excited when watched on webcam? See how it feels to watch yourself!

Miss Rachel loves to make you feel both humiliated and excited! 1-800-356-6169So many slaves think it’s the ultimate humiliation to be seen by someone else while living out their sluttery, but for many, it’s even more humiliating to look at themselves! Few that I’ve spoken to have ever tried playing with mirrors before I suggested it, and the results are generally, shall W/e say, titillating! For Me, and for them!

You’ve already admitted to yourself who you are. You’ve already accepted what makes you all tingly, that you’re a kinky slut. You may have even admitted it to Me, or acted on your tastes somehow before W/e met.

But have you ever looked at yourself in the act?

Try it out and see what the effect may be, humiliation slave! Better yet, try it out while I’m watching on Skype! Then W/e can both experience this new wrinkle in your quest for sexual humiliation!

Want to hear a little about mirrors and humiliation play in My personal sex life? Listen in below!


Miss Rachel, who loves to make you humiliated and excited!


13 comments to Humiliated and Excited By Your Own Reflection

  • Wes

    Miss Rachel this was a very arousing post.. Watching my wanton self in a mirror performing for a Mistress is now added to my bucket humiliation list:)

  • princess

    I have used mirrors when using toys or cross dressing and it does indeed both excite and humiliate me! To see how slutty and submissive i am on those occasions does indeed launch me into sub space….thanks for the great post…audio…and ideas Ms Rachel!

  • tiny tim

    Miss Rachel, Loved reading this post. Love the idea of a mirror. I to am a lowly beta bitch. What a lucky slave to serve a Mistress and a Master. Little dicked losers like me should serve real men. Because I am for all intents and purposes an eunuch or castrated male anyway.

  • Miss Rachel I Love to look into a mirror and see how pretty of a sissy bimbo I am after getting myself all dolled up with makeup & long brown hair wig! And seeing how sissy bimbo hot I look in my sexy lingerie really gets me excited about being a little sissy bimbo! 🙂


    Bimbo XO 🙂

  • vanilla

    Ooooh, yum, mirrors. vanilla loves mirrors the more the better. vanilla has often been videoed while serving as a dirty little cum dumpster, and it is exciting knowing you’re being filmed. Especially later, when forced to sit and watch with a room full of people watching and talking about what a fucktoy vanilla was, oooh look at her swallow that huge cock kind of thing. Exciting and humiliating at the same time, feels so dirty. But, there’s something about watching yourself live, real time, sucking cock or taking it in the ass. Being put in front of a mirror after several men have cum on your face and tits, made to stare at yourself, cum matted hair and such, and repeat that you are a dirty slut over and over while looking at your cum drenched self.

    vanilla had her first triple penetration this past weekend, immortalized on video and in front of mirrors so vanilla could watch herself pleasure three men at once, just delicious if hard to balance all three cocks at the same time.

    But yes, definitely, mirrors, mirrors, mirrors! Each sissy slut needs to watch hir own degradation and cock addiction to get the full effect.

  • Miss Rachel ~sissy curtsy~ Yes Goddess Rachel You’ll get that chance fairly soon! I’m in need of purchasing some new makeup, and ordering a new sex toy, perhaps a nice BIG dildo, so You can see just how much of a pretty little sissy bimbo cock sucker that I truly am! ~sissy curtsy~ 🙂

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