Hello, Horny Readers!  Especially you, peterteasetoy! It’s you I have to thank for the intriguing idea that’s been on My mind since you mentioned it to Me a day or two ago: the reverse of CFNM! Yes, interesting, right?

The way peter explained it is (and I have to agree), wouldn’t it be a good form of cockteasing for a male to remain restricted in his clothes while the scintillating woman he desires is naked as much as she likes? And further, what if she were able to masturbate at will, and he was compelled to watch, or even assist, all while ignoring the raging boner straining at his clothes?

Wouldn’t that be great?

There are some differences between CFNM and CMNF.

I mean, I guess you could say that CFNM is more geared toward those of you who enjoy the humiliation and vulnerability of exposure, and CMNF is more in the cockteasing school, but then again, I bet W/e can all agree that some of the best cockteasing has elements of humiliation involved.

Public cockteasing almost always begets a bit of public humiliation, when a hard on or the wet spot caused by pre cum is sometimes hard to hide!

Granted, it’s even harder to hide if you’re completely naked, but let’s face it, unless you’re on a nude beach, the laws in most places make public CFNM implausible. But in a private setting, or in the world of Femdom fantasy where W/e can do and be anything, anywhere, it’s an alluring scenario!

Certainly something to consider for those of you who are lucky enough to have a wife or girlfriend who likes to tease you at home.

The sacred Yoni: peter makes a good point!

peterteasetoy also mentioned that Women are Goddesses whose lady parts are worthy of admiration and worship. He further points out that the parts of (most) males should be controlled and sometimes avoided. CMNF would ensure that.

A man’s clothing would be a sort of natural form of bondage, while a Woman’s natural goddess-like nature would only be elevated by being free to be nude or partially nude at all times. I would personally exert even more control by controlling the man’s gaze. He would lower his eyes on command.

Imagine the erotic strain of knowing that I was naked somewhere in his proximity, but that he was not allowed to look!

I wonder if that would be more of a tease, or a reprieve from teasing?

Anyway, weigh in in the comments!  What do you think about CMNF?

And thanks again, peter!  My love for teasing you has been fruitful in more ways than one!

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You can think of yourself as anything you like, but here, Women reign.

Share your fever dreams elsewhere, “Dorian”.


Goddess Rachel