Hello there, horny readers!

Cuckolding is one of my favorite fantasies to indulge.  Those of us who are interested in cuckolding know that there are many different facets to the lifestyle, mostly depending on who’s at the top of the hierarchy.  I consider the cuckold husband, for example, to be the top of the hierarchy (*gasp*) when he has a “slut wife“, when he simply gets to enjoy watching her be fucked, like 3D porn, with no restrictions or misgivings on his part.  He is there to be entertained, and perhaps to take pictures or video.  He may even direct the bull as to how to best please his wife, and take pleasure from her.  Obviously, given that I am a strong proponent of Female Superiority (or Femdom) that isn’t my favorite manifestation.

I enjoy what I consider to be the classic cuckold arrangement, where the needs and interests of the Woman are at the top, followed closely by those of her Stud, and at the bottom, her itty-bitty deflated bottom boy.  Maybe it’s the sadist in me, but I like it better when the cuckold husband isn’t fully acclimated to his new role in the marriage.  I believe it makes for the perfect alchemy of longing, humiliation and submission.  He can’t let go of the woman he loves, because he’s always felt unworthy of her anyway, and in some small corner of his mind, realizes she did him a favor when she married him.  He knows that if he wasn’t unworthy somehow, he’d never find himself on his knees on the floor at the end of the bed, twitching inside his chastity device, watching his wife cum on a worthy man’s cock.  Perhaps it’s unavoidable.


Yes.  Because whether she knows it or not, many women are training their husband for a cuckold relationship from the moment the honeymoon is over.  Heard the “slice of life” anecdote about the old man talking to the young man who’s just gotten married?  He says that if you put a quarter in a jar every time you have sex the first year you are married, and then take one out every time you have sex after that first year, by the time you die an old man, there will still be quarters left in the jar.  Some men get lucky, but if the relationship forums around the ‘net are any indication, there are a lot of men out there with wives who won’t fuck them.

A closer examination shows that a lot of those wives still masturbate, as evinced by the toys husbands experiencing a drought often report finding tucked away, toys she’s never mentioned and never brought to bed.  Toys, in many cases, which are superior to him in size, and will never go soft before she’s ready.  Toys with which she can be selfish, and fantasize about any man she wants.  Some of these beleaguered husbands will find a way to win back the affections of their wife, or at least guilt her into resuming some semblance of “putting out”.  I submit that for others, the death of one sexual relationship could be the natural gateway to the birth of another.

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