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By the light of the silvery moon,
I want to spoon, to my honey I’ll croon love’s tune,
Honeymoon keep a shining in June,
Your silvery beams will bring love dreams, we’ll be cuddling soon,
By the silvery moon.

Adam is BACK!  Needless to say, My schedule may be unpredictably spotty this week!

NEW in the audio store:  Femdom Ringtones! An inexpensive way to wake to the sound of My voice, and carry Mistress with you all day long! In some cases, this is especially pertinent if you’re a fan of public humiliation, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!  LOL!

Also, check out both the Toy Recommendations pages and the Audios page, as both have been recently updated with new offerings.

  • I removed a few toys that have been discontinued by their manufacturer, or that have had their place usurped in My heart and loins by others.
  • I’ve added a couple of My more recent audios to that page in case you don’t tend to listen to them anywhere else.

That said, let Me take this opportunity to remind you about and, both forums where you can discuss all O/ur favorite kinks with Mistresses and others, as well as listen to scads and scads of free audios created and shared by the Mistresses of LDW! It’s all free to enjoy. Just sign up!

With regard to schedule, I have changed My official hours of availability. Look for Me now between 1pm and 1amEST. See the “Schedule” tab for more information!

On June 16, I will be away on a day trip, but will be back for sessions at around 9pmEST.

A Reminder:  Reviews and comments are welcome! If we’ve had a great session together (or even not so great), please do leave a review.  It doesn’t need to be extensive, but it really helps others who may be considering a session to decide if I’m the right Mistress for them.

I also look forward to comments on blog posts, whether here or on My posts on Our group blogs. As long as you temper honesty with respect, I will respond in kind!

Have you purchased an audio of mine from the audio store? I work hard on My audios, and if you’ve purchased one and enjoyed it, it’s really helpful if you let others who might be shopping for Femdom sounds, know that. If you think there are things that could have been improved upon or that didn’t really work for you, let Me know that, too!  I’m always learning, and your feedback helps!

Same with custom audios. If you’ve ordered one, loved it, hated it, or were neutral about it, your feedback is invaluable!

And if you’re too shy to leave a public review, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Me via E-mail.  Just let Me know whether or not I can share your review publicly, with your name redacted if need be.

Would you like to delight Me with a gift?  Check out My updated wish list!  Among all the other items, you’ll notice I’m looking for a new Summer scent (I don’t like perfume).  I found what looks like a great organic body spray, but there are so many scents, I’ve put a bunch on My list, and you’re welcome to get Me as many as you like! lol

But seriously, I’m so grateful for the generosity so many of you have shown Me over the years. You’ve really brightened many days, and I hope I have for you when W/e spend time together. xoxo


Happy Spring!

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