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Exposed on Cam For Mistress: My Cheeky Aussie Returns!

exposed on camHello, Horny Readers! Usually when I’ve had the pleasure of seeing My Aussie slut exposed on cam for Me, writing about it is partly meant to titillate those who fantasize about doing the same, and partly a reward for him for a good show. This time, however, it’s those two things but also meant to pose a rhetorical question: What should be the punishment for a slave who gets the better of Mistress? It happens extremely rarely, but it does happen.

What I mean is, if I’m talking about a kink that’s a genuine turn-on for Me, obviously I will be aroused. I usually keep that information to Myself for the most part, and even if I share the fact that My pussy is wet, for example, that’s all I’ll do. Most playmates know that I don’t masturbate during sessions, or if I do, it’s a casual affair, not aimed at reaching the explosive conclusion. I like to keep the focus on the playmate putting on a show for Me. Sessions where a playmate is exposed on cam are especially ripe for a loss of control, so I’m particularly careful to mind Myself. And when I have the opportunity to experience a web cam show where the playmate is not only delicious to look at, has a lovely big uncircumcised cock, a nice body, an accent, and likes to play with his asshole, well, I have to be doubly on cam

I let My guard down, readers.  And Aussie Slut is to blame!

Don’t get Me wrong–he was, as always, completely amenable to direction. Exposed on cam for Me,
he posed himself the way I like best, and did the things I like to see. But as W/e talked and played, he kept asking about My state of arousal, and referred to the fact that in My last blog post about him, I had to have some private time after O/ur session to “blow off steam” so to speak. Maybe I shouldn’t have written that. But submissives of this type are very slutty in a slippery sort of way, and even though I could see the little gleam in his eye that indicated mischievous intentions as he stroked and fucked himself for Me and W/e talked about what Adam and I would do with him if We had him at Our disposal in the flesh, I allowed Myself to be

By the time he was turned perpendicular to the camera so that I could watch him try to hit himself in the face with his load, I was unable to stifle My own cries of pleasure.

I blame him.

He says, dear readers, that the next time he is exposed on cam for Me, he will have some new toys, including a suction cup dildo.  I know that if I was there I might have to give him a sustained pounding with My biggest dong to teach him a lesson about being a dirty whore and breaking Mistress’ decorum, but perhaps I will just have to settle for urging him to fuck himself harder and harder.

Shame on you, Aussie Slut!




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