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Miss Rachel

Coerced Fem: It’s Most Fun When Over-The-Top!

Hello, Horny Readers! Most of the sissies and crossdressers I play with are feminized willingly. It’s in their nature, and I enjoy bringing that nature out. Less often, I get to indulge coerced fem fantasies, and when I do, I love to pile on the humiliation as I pile on the femme characteristics!

It’s . . . → Read More: Coerced Fem: It’s Most Fun When Over-The-Top!

Breeding Fetish in kinky fantasies!

Hello, Horny Readers! I’m back to discuss a seldom-mentioned but rather intriguing corner of the kink world–the breeding fetish.

Here’s the top definition from the Urban Dictionary:

breeding fetish: When a woman has sex and is unaroused unless she can in some way think of being impregnated and used for the purpose of reproduction.

But I intend to include . . . → Read More: Breeding Fetish in kinky fantasies!

Gooning: More Than Masturbation!

Hello, Horny Readers! I’ve seen references to gooning all over social media for years. I think the term is most popular in the U.K.. I’ve never looked into it deeply before fairly recent days. I just thought, at face value, that “gooning” was a synonym for “masturbating”. But I’ve learned that it’s somewhat more . . . → Read More: Gooning: More Than Masturbation!

Femdom Degradation: Why?

Hello, Horny Readers! So, Femdom degradation. Yes. Let’s talk about that.

We’re all friends here, despite what W/e may or may not get up to in session together. I’m actually very fond of all of My playmates. After all, I have a need for domination that can only be fulfilled by a submissive. I’m . . . → Read More: Femdom Degradation: Why?

Nipple play to rock the cock!

Hello, Horny Readers! As you read, I just wrote a post that included nipple torment among examples of pain play that I enjoy, but sometimes My claws remain sheathed, and I like to tease instead. Some of My most memorable sessions have been with boys who have erogenous zones in addition to their cock . . . → Read More: Nipple play to rock the cock!

Pain Play is a Stress Reliever for Me!

Hello, Horny Readers! This is another of those blog posts inspired by a question a submissive asked Me in private. As is often the case, I figured it was something more than one of you had wondered about, even if he was the first to ask. The question? Mistress, do you actually get pleasure . . . → Read More: Pain Play is a Stress Reliever for Me!

From Cock Curious to Chock Full of Cock!

Hello, Horny Readers! Many of you are cock curious, but will likely never take your lusts beyond fantasy. That’s okay; I adore leading you through a semen-drenched storytelling that ends with you making your own copious contribution all over your stomach. But I won’t deny that it’s especially satisfying to be along for the . . . → Read More: From Cock Curious to Chock Full of Cock!

SPH: What you have determines what you get!

Hello, Horny Readers! Here’s another field report from My Femdom phone sex experiences that promises to edify all to whom the lesson applies! It concerns a boy who called all hot and bothered from looking at My photos and listening to My audios. His penis, if you could call it that, was nice and . . . → Read More: SPH: What you have determines what you get!

Anal Stretching: Anal Play Beyond Fucking!

Hello, Horny Readers! It’s a component in most straight up anal play, even if it’s unacknowledged: anal stretching. Gaping that fuck hole wide. But it can be, and for some kinksters, is, the point, not just a component.

Scene: a submissive male or sissy sticks their ass pussy up in the air for a . . . → Read More: Anal Stretching: Anal Play Beyond Fucking!