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Erotic Femdom Fantasy: Exerpts from Circe Resort, By pupslave

Hello, Horny Readers! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve published a post. I think the Christmas/New Year season tends to take a lot out of Me, or at least to shift Me into a frame of mind from which it’s hard to return. Vacation mindset, if you will. Ironically, I’m easing My way back into the regular scheme of things with part of an erotic femdom tale oriented around a vacation spot. It’s conjured beautifully by one of My long-time favorite fucksluts, pupslave. The resort is called Circe, and it’s especially for submissive boys like him, like you, and for dominant women like Me.

erotic femdom

Heeeere, piggy piggy! In The Odyssey, Circe turned the companions of Odysseus into pigs with the aid of an enchanted drink!

By the way, In Greek mythology, Circe, (/ˈsɜːrsiː/) is a goddess of magic (or sometimes a nymph, witch, enchantress or sorceress). A perfect namesake for a location in an erotic femdom story, isn’t She?

I like to encourage all the talents of My fucksluts, not just the ones involving them opening their holes for My strap on. so I’m happy to share an installment from this tale just for you. If pupslave decides to write more, I’ll share those too.


Excerpt from Circe Resort, an Erotic Femdom Tale by Pupslave

There was a moment in which the sounds of my own gagging, the mocking voice of the bull, and the laughs and comments of the audience seemed paused, and in it I heard a harmony drifting down from the songbirds. I wished I could be back in that choir locked in a suspended cage or perched on a balcony as I provided background music for the mistresses below. Of course, the only wish of mine that mattered was the one that brought me here to serve at the Circe Resort; after that it was only my Owner’s wishes that mattered, and her most recent one was for a diversified stable.
The audio window closed as the bull’s groans reached a fevered pitch and the audience laughed and jeered even louder than before. Then my mouth filled with warm, thick liquid, and the bull shoved me away. There was a strand of cum sticking to his cock as it slid out of my mouth, and I felt it dribble down my face when it finally broke away.
(I have to break in here and note that it’s incredibly arousing to Me that pupslave is writing about sucking cock.  He’s always insisted that he’s heterosexual, but this is one of a few hints that he might be open at least to coerced bi. Hooray!)
“Isn’t that tasty, slut?” asked on of the guests. “I want you to thank Us for that lovely protein shake. And don’t you dare swallow until you have permission.”erotic femdom
“Thank You, Ladies,” I said, my words slurred by the mouthful of cum. “I am a very happy sissy, and I am so very lucky to suck cock for You all.”
“You are so very lucky to suck a real man’s cock,” said another guest. She looked young, like she might be one of the women who came here to begin their education in female domination. “Not like that malformed clit you’ve got. Say it.”
(omg so hot!)
I repeated after her, and as I did a bit more cum dribbled out from my lips. The guests laughed again and I was given permission to swallow right after two of them spat into my open mouth. A handler ordered me to go stand with a couple other sissies on display while the bull went to each of the guests and thanked them for his permission to release his load.
I watched as each lady accepted his thanks and admired his exquisitely sculpted form. I saw the young lady who had instructed me to elaborate on the superior nature of the bull’s cock. She had a naturally cunning quality to her face–the lift of her eyebrows, the curl of her smile, and the sharp depths of her eyes–and her long, dark hair was adorned with thin, blue highlights.
I saw the bull move on from her to thank and adore the next guest, and as he did I saw her eyes flit from him to me. Her gazes for both of us were deeply predatory, but each one communicated a slightly different hunger.
erotic femdomAll men at the resort were slaves, but not all slaves were created equal.
I tore my eyes away, gave my expression a doll-like quality, and looked ahead. This was the third cock I had taken this morning, and I had learned by now how to stand ready until a handler came by and issued a command. I stood there in my black corset, my frilly skirt that did nothing to hide my caged clit, and my padlocked high heels. My eyes had watered as I gagged on the latest cock, and it had made some of my makeup run, which only added to the effect of the lipstick writing across my chest and forehead. I stood there as still as I could manage, dreading–despite my adoring love of my Owner–the possibility of another cock in my mouth or up my ass.

“Go clean yourself up,” said a handler as She tapped my shoulder. It had been a little over twenty minutes now since I had entered the mannequin role. “You’ll be serving drinks for a bit.”

Relief flooded me as I curtsied and thanked the handler. I nearly skipped to the slave quarters as elegant dommes in sleek, expensive outfits giggled, pinched tender bits, and slapped my sissy ass. Normally I would have trembled at the thought of the tight bondage, the tray held up by nipple clamps, or the more sadistic guests who enjoyed toying with the service subs so freely available to them. Now it was a nice change of pace. And I do love the position of a simple servant.

That was a nice tease, wasn’t it, readers? I want more, don’t you? Maybe if W/e’re lucky, W/e’ll get more of this erotic femdom tale! And it is erotic femdom, with such lush and sensual descriptions, even if these descriptions are about completely depraved acts!

Thank you, pupslave. You are a talented, sweet, and dirty little whore!

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