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Public Humiliation: Arousal and Anxiety!

Hello, Horny Readers! I learned something new about My sexual self recently: I love public humiliation, but maybe I love the idea of it more than the reality!

That is, unless it’s carried out with subtlety. I learned this thanks to a recent session I had with a sissy named vikki, a.k.a. Faggot John G..* public humiliation

In the past, when a potential playmate comes to Me seeking public humiliation, I’ve either:

  • planned it so that the humiliation may take place in public, but the tools and techniques of humiliation are only obvious to the playmate and Myself,
  • planned it at venues where what ever it is I am having My playmate do is acceptable in that context, though humiliating,
  • crafted assignments that, while others will notice if they’re paying attention, will not necessarily be so glaring that the humiliation slave will be a spectacle the moment they step out their front door, or
  • decline the session if I feel that I am not able to take the potential playmate where they want to go with regard to subspace.

Keep in mind that this is mostly when a humiliation slave has begged Me to choose the methods and location of their humiliation.  I’m a bit more relaxed when the responsibility for what they choose to do and where is all on their own shoulders, and even more relaxed when they simply tell Me about it afterwards, rather than desiring that I aurally accompany them, as vikki did.

When do I decide to decline a public humiliation session?

Well readers, it all comes down to kink ethics and personal boundaries. You’ve probably read before that I’m open to almost anything, as long as it’s safe(er), sane(ish), and consensual. That doesn’t just mean safe, sane, and consensual on your part, but in favor of the people around you.

It can be nuanced, finding out where the line is, but what I usually consider is whether or not you could suffer negative (in an unsexy way) consequences financially, medically/physically, psychologically, or legally. I also don’t believe in forcing others to participate overtly in your sexuality if they haven’t chosen to do so (there’s that consent again).

public humiliation

Click My photo to take you to an example of public humiliation I consider potent, but subtle!

But as I say, sometimes the line gets blurry. Also, just as I often ask those of you with whom I play to test your boundaries, I also test My own sometimes.

So that’s what I decided to do with vikki!

I’ll tell you about vikki, and he/r story of public humiliation, in the form of an audio you can listen to below, but conclude the readable portion of this post by telling you how O/ur experience together fits in to the above.

All in all, I think I’ve decided that I’m not probably the best choice for vikki’s more overt excursions, but it was an exhilarating experience to reflect on once W/e got through it!

It wasn’t necessarily anything that vikki wanted which caused such anxiety in Me leading up to the event, but the fact that s/he had never exposed he/rself in quite this way before (which I’ll explain in the audio), and that the cray-cray dial seems turned way up in the world right now, particularly toward visible minorities (or those who could be mistaken for them), and I worried for he/r safety.

I shared this with he/r during aftercare, and although s/he took some big, bold steps that had he/r quaking in he/r (extremely slutty) boots all the way through, s/he really went where s/he wanted to go at My inducement, and didn’t understand My reluctance to be the Mistress to accompany he/r on further legs of this journey.  I assured he/r, however, that We probably have other Mistresses who aren’t as skittish as I am!

So this concludes My exploration of the potentially anxiety-producing portion of public humiliation, and now you can enjoy the arousal portion in audio form. Enjoy!


Miss Rachel the Humiliatrix


public humiliation

*I never specifically name anyone on My blog who hasn’t given their approval.

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