Hello, Horny Readers! Do you have bi-curious leanings? Are you familiar with the term frottage (or frot, for short)?

Goddess Rachel wants to introduce you to frot! 1-800-356-6169

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You may not be, if you don’t have fantasies about or experience with male-to-male* sex play. If that’s the case, this blog post may not be of interest to you, and you’re welcome to check back in about ten days when I might publish something more to your liking.

That said, you don’t have to be attracted to men (or at least to cocks) in order to familiarize yourself with the concept.

A humiliation fetish will do! *snicker*

More on that later!

First, check out how the Urban Dictionary describes frot. If you’re still reading, I can only imagine how just picturing two guys rubbing their cocks together makes your mind whirl with the possibilities!

Shocker: I love all things MsM sex play. Especially as it interfaces with Femdom.

Coerced or seduced bi fantasy sessions, cocksucker confessions, the cuckold and bull dynamic, you name it!

I can be inspired by scenarios between men whether a woman is involved or not. I don’t watch much porn, for example, but when I do, it’s usually gay.

That’s where I learned about frot. Now I want to make sure you know about it. That way you can possibly love (or deliciously dread) it, so that you can either try it out in your next gay hookup**, I can use it to exploit your submissive lust in femdom phone sex sessions, or both!

Read on as I discuss some of the ways you can explore this sexy practice, as well as be titillated by the ways I (and some of My subbies) already have!


Fantasy Frot


Some things are best left to fantasy. In fact, some of you super sluts have kink or femdom fantasies that might be, shall W/e say, ill-advised in the flesh!

Exploring your bi-curiosity is definitely not included in that (as long as you’re safe(r), sane, and consensual). That said, I realize many of My bi-curious playmates love the idea of sex play with another man, but likely won’t ever take it further than that.

Sound like you?

Unless you simply need a bit of encouragement (read: coercion), I’m fine with that!

So don’t hesitate to tell Me the idea of frottage turns you on simply out of fear that I might try to get you to follow through!

One of My favorite ways to spend time with you on the phone or Skype or sexytexting, is in weaving an erotic story together, with your hard cock and stimulated imagination the only goal!

Here are some suggestions of things to think about before you call to include frot in O/ur erotic storytelling:

  • How did you get into a situation where you’re pressed body to body with another man, rubbing and grinding? Was it incidental? On purpose?
  • Lube, or no lube? For stroking while you tell Me about it, yes, but I mean between your two cocks. Do you like the idea of friction from body hair and rougher skin?
  • Is there a power differential? A cock size differential (as in, does *ahem* one of you have a small penis? If so, does that factor into how things play out?
  • Does frot dovetail well with other kinks you might have? What are they?
  • Is there a woman present? If so, what’s her disposition about the goings-on? Is she participating, or just watching?
  • Is the woman Me? *wink*

Speaking of Me . . .


Great for Sensual or Strict Humiliation!


I’m fairly versatile in wielding My femdom power. I enjoy a range of kinks and scenes between friendly and hard core.

My fondness for humiliation scenarios, however, whether sensual or strict, is a constant. Right up there with ass play!

And frot has been an occasional potent ingredient!

Tell Me something: If you were My cock-locked submissive, how much chastity torment do you think it would take before you’d willingly rub dicks with another man? What if it was a condition of release? What if I told you it was the only means by which you would be allowed to cum once you were?Goddess Rachel wants to introduce you to frot! 1-800-356-6169

And this presupposes that you generally identify as heterosexual.

I tried this with one of My more humiliation-oriented subbies. He begged My boyfriend to rub his big cock against subbie’s more modest one inside of 3 months.

(Don’t worry, there were weekly skin checks and monthly prostate milkings. Granted, My Doxy wand was periodically applied to his cage as well. *devious grin*)

I’m not sure what made him cum harder–the act itself, or the humiliation!

Would that make you cum? How hard? And which aspect do you think would be more responsible for the strength of your orgasm?

Some of you have firsthand experience, if not with frot itself, then certainly with men, don’t you?

Of course you do.


Frottage fun!


I mentioned erotic confessions at the beginning of the post. Well, specifically, cocksucker confessions. But I like to hear about your assignations with men no matter what activities are included!

From what I’ve heard through dispatches from subbies who make cock sluts of themselves in the flesh, things like body contact and kissing usually aren’t included or desired.

But there are at least a few of you who serve a single master, or have regular fuck friends. Regular enough that you could experiment.

I know some of you offer both oral and anal sex for the pleasure of top cock. Some of you even report rather tender, sensual relationships with your tops.

But I’ve never heard of frot taking place!

The closest I’ve come was a recent share by Sissy Slut Samantha, who was swept into the arms of a stud and kissed deeply before more . . . coarse . . . activities took place. At the end, the stud drained a copious load all over her clitty. But I don’t think they did any clitty-to-cock grinding!

So to summarize, I know and receive “the tea” of several of you who enjoy MsM fun, or have. Have any of you included frot and not told Me? If not, would you have liked to?

What do I need to do to get you to bring it up to your sexy dude-sex partner next time?

If you do it, and then you do it, W/e have a standing date for a post frot analysis session!


Marching Orders for the Frot Uninitiated!


Goddess Rachel wants to introduce you to frot! 1-800-356-6169

What do you think?


Here’s an assignment for all of you for whom frot is a completely new concept: stroke and edge while watching frot porn!

It doesn’t matter if you like sex with men but have never done this, like fantasizing about sex with men but have never heard of this, or are humiliated by the concept, love it, but aren’t sure how it works. There’s porn out there for you to watch.

You are welcome to arrange for a porn gooner watch party, where W/e can watch the frot porn together! I know some of you will do and can be turned on by anything as long as I’m part of it.

I’m happy to whisper sweet nothings in your ear designed to goon you into a state of openness, until rubbing cocks with another man (or the idea of having Me wrap My hands around both for a handjob/frot combo) will seem like the most erotic thing ever!

Yes, yes, I get off on manipulating your sexuality.

But I also want to encourage you to explore!

So explore, okay My tender little cockslut?

And tell Me all about it!



Goddess Rachel, Frot Fetishist


*Note: As W/e all know, some women have cocks. Non-op and Pre-op T-girls can frot, too! With each other, and with men! And some of you might find frot even hotter with a lady!

**You can have gay sex without identifying as gay. That’s where the term MsM comes from. MsM stands for “men who have sex with men”, to be inclusive of the sexy individuals who do just that!