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Sissy Shoe Bondage!

Hello, Horny Readers!

You may be surprised to read this, but in My training regimen, one of the most feminizing articles of clothing or accessories a sissy can be made to wear are hir* shoes.  That’s right, not just hir panties, not just hir bra, not just hir stockings, but also hir shoes.  The . . . → Read More: Sissy Shoe Bondage!

Humiliation Through Ass Worship

Hello, Horny Readers!

You know, I’ve always said that body worship was only tangentially of interest to Me. I’m talking about having a slave using his mouth on My pussy for the purposes of making Me cum, or fondling and sucking My tits, things like that.  I’ve engaged in it a bit in face-to-face . . . → Read More: Humiliation Through Ass Worship

DD Does Anal Sex! (part 7–the conclusion!)

Hello, Horny Readers!

Grab a beverage, some lube, your cum towel, and any sex toys that turn you on, because this is going to be a long one.


“Get that ass up in the air!”

“Ohhhhhhh YES Sir!”

DD obediently rolled over on to his stomach, drawing his knees up and . . . → Read More: DD Does Anal Sex! (part 7–the conclusion!)

DD Does Anal Sex! (part 6)

Hello Horny Readers!

Now where were W/e?

Ah yes.  Adam was bottomed out, balls deep, in DD’s willing but straining ass pussy, and he was moaning like the cock slut he is.  After a few seconds of silent, muscular concentration, Adam relaxed and allowed a few inches of His dong to slowly ooze back . . . → Read More: DD Does Anal Sex! (part 6)